eNews - May 1, 2020

Toilet paper may be running low...



Hey New Hope Family!

We hope you’re doing well and striving to find goodness in each day! Hebrews 12:27 tells us: “All of creation will be shaken and removed, so that only unshakable things will remain.” This is actually great news and means that no matter what happens in the world around us, God’s Kingdom remains unshakable, and the Church remains strong and resilient. We’re pressing on in ministry here at New Hope and have begun to formulate our reopening plan for when the the time is right. You can find the latest updates about COVID-19 and our church here.(link to update page).

Dr. Marianne de Deugd is a member of our church and a retired therapist and has shared some practical tips for thriving, not just surviving, during quarantine: In a world where so much is out of our control, we need to focus on things that we do have control over. It will help us keep our sanity. So, here is my list - not exhaustive - but a beginning:

Pray and spend daily time with the Lord. (If you’d like a free Upper Room devotional mailed to you, please contact the church office at 239.274.1230.)

Develop a routine. Our minds work better when there is order. At the beginning of each day write down what you are planning to do that day. Unstructured time usually leads to snacking more, watching too much TV, surfing the internet for more upsetting tidbits etc. 

Severely limit watching the news. You don't need to hear the same thing over and over.

Exercise: preferably outside. Physical activity lowers the amount of chemicals in your body produced by anxiety. You will feel better overall.

Stay in close touch with family, FaceTime with children and grandchildren. Taking control over that part of your life that you can do something about will be welcomed by your brain. And we all need brains that function optimally in this time of heightened stress.

We urge you to stay spiritually connected with your church family and join us for weekly Sunday worship as well as checking out the videos from our staff and pastors on the Experience New Hope YouTube channel. 

We're continuing to pray and if you have a need please don’t hesitate to reach out to Pastor Eddie at 239.450.3331 or Pastor Mike at 813.368.1680.

With Love,
Your New Hope Team