eNews - July 24, 2020

Sunsets can be a reminder of



Hey Church Family!


We've sure had some incredible sunsets in the last week and hope you've had the chance to see one! Sunsets are such a great reminder of Christ and His constant presence.  When we can so plainly see the beauty of His work and existence it can be easier to reassure ourselves of His presence. But on those overcast and rainy days it may not be as easy to remind ourselves He's there. It is also the same with our life and walk with God. When we see and feel His presence, it is like we see a glorious sunset, and we know. But there are times where we feel so distant from Him, when doubts arise and when the trials and temptations we face threaten to overwhelm us so that we can't look up. But that doesn't lessen, to the slightest fraction, the truth of God's love, care and faithfulness to us, His own children. Because He is eternal, and His faithfulness endures. When you see those gorgeous sunsets or sheets of rain, don't forget who controls it all and cares for YOU with new mercies and compassion each day.

There is a session meeting planned for Tuesday, July 28, to discuss our next steps in re-opening more on campus activities so please be in prayer for our Elders as they consider these matters. The pastors and staff have worked hard and researched the best practices for expanding in person activities and will share that information with our session as well. We'll have an update for you next week on any decisions concerning our Fall schedule.

Our next PB&J drive will be Thursday, August 6. Please drop off individually packaged sandwiches at New Hope by noon. We Care has been so grateful for the thousands of sandwiches we've been able to supply and needs us to keep it going so reach to your neighbors and friends and let's come together to keep fighting hunger right here in Fort Myers!

Because we’ve been able to safely stay within the guidelines of having 112 people in the sanctuary at our in-person services, we've discontinued both Thursday evening services. Going forward, you’ll have two services each week from which to choose. Each Sunday we’ll have a traditional service at 9am and a contemporary service at 11am. This is close to our regular schedule and we’ll be live-streaming the services for those who wish to continue worshipping at home!

Session and staff have researched the best and safest ways we can begin to meet together and all the details can be found by clicking the SITUATION UPDATE button below. With respect to guidelines from the CDC, we are monitoring our local COVID-19 numbers and if changes to our re-opening plan are necessary, we’ll adjust. Updates will be posted on Facebook and our website should any of our plans change. Initially, we are only restarting on campus worship services with no separate programming for early childhood, elementary or student ministry. Families are encouraged to worship with their children in our sanctuary that has been set up with physical distancing protocols.

We urge you to stay spiritually connected with your church family and join us for weekly Sunday worship as well as checking out the videos from our staff and pastors on the Experience New Hope channel. We’re continuing to pray and if you have concerns about our plans to meet in person or a prayer need, please do not hesitate to reach out to Pastor Eddie (239.450.3331) or Pastor Mike (813.368.1680). Don’t forget to check out our safety measures and plans for gathering again on campus, along with the service time details by clicking the SITUATION UPDATE button below!

With Love,
Your New Hope Team