New Hope News - August 4, 2023

Volunteer in Our Children's Ministry!

Our children’s ministry is looking for volunteers to serve for the upcoming 2023-24 season! Our new year begins August 6 on Wednesday nights and August 13 on Sundays. It takes a community to run this ministry and it is an important ministry for spiritual growth. It is proven that more people will accept Jesus before the age of 13 than any other time. Teaching God’s word and raising up His truth in our children is critical to the great commision and furthering God’s kingdom. If you would like to serve and make a difference in this new generation, contact Debbie Norris at or call the church office.

Join Our Tech Team!

Serving is one of the many ways we worship the Lord here at New Hope. Do you have a serving heart? Are you willing to learn? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you are a great candidate to serve with our Tech Team! The team oversees the audio, video and lighting for worship services, memorials and special events. Our Tech Team is looking for volunteers to serve during our Sunday Services. No experience needed - hands on training is provided. If you are interested in serving behind the scenes, please contact our Director of Technology Matthew Phillips at

Pickup the Ball

Pickup the Ball is a basketball ministry that gives teens something to do that they love while also keeping them active and healthy. It helps take their minds off everything bad in their personal world, getting them out of the house and around other people. The boys share a bond that is like a brotherhood, understanding and caring about each other. 

Many of these teens lack money and a family structure that would provide guidance and role models for them to learn the basics of life. Without these life skills they will continue the cycles they have come to see as normal and will never develop into the leaders their communities need. Pickup the Ball seeks to provide the structure, accountability, and resources these teens are lacking. Their vision is community transformation through a mission of personal transformation. They know that transformation does not occur without Jesus, but they don’t stop their meetings to preach the Gospel. Instead, the Gospel is shared throughout all of their interactions - through love. Jesus isn’t a separate topic – He is woven like a golden thread through everything we say and do, as a part of life.  Like the Word of God, Pickup the Ball’s theme, method, and goal is love – and they believe love will lead to transformation.

Communion will be served during both of our services on campus this Sunday, August 6. Please join us in person as we celebrate The Lord's Supper.


Financials as of 06.30.2023

Actual Income: $786,104
Actual Expenses: $870,040

Care & Compassion Fund: $657