New Hope News - August 5, 2022

Why does New Hope have “Elders”?

Have you ever wondered why our church has elders? Some churches, maybe one you’ve been associated with, do not for a variety of reasons. It could mean a church run by its oldest members, but that is not what we mean here. An elder is described in the Bible as one who watches over the spiritual welfare of the congregation and in the New Testament (See Acts 14:21-23 and Titus 1:5-9) elders were appointed or selected to lead the first churches and we follow that principle. Honestly, living up to the Titus description of an elder’s character is a tall order, not sure any of us perfectly qualifies.

In our denomination, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), there are two types of elders: Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders. A Teaching Elder is an ordained pastor called by the congregation, such as Pastor Mike, whose authority and responsibility is to preach, lead worship, celebrate the sacraments (baptism and communion), and oversee the education, nurture, and mission of the church. A Ruling Elder, a man or a woman elected by our congregation, should be a mature believer who is willing to be led by the Holy Spirit and has the individual responsibility to continue to study and learn the Word, participate in the congregation’s pastoral needs, and encourage spiritual development. Together the Teaching Elders and the Ruling Elders form “The Session.” The Session has both the authority and the responsibility for the entire life of our church.

For more information on the EPC denomination and how it helps to govern our church, go to their website A list of New Hope’s current Ruling Elders is on our website More information on New Hope’s Session and its activities will be coming in future editions of the eNews. Of course, you can always contact the church office for more information.

We would love for you to sing with our Summer Choir on Sunday, August 14! Simply meet us in the sanctuary next Sunday at 8:50am for rehearsal. Contact Ben Ball with any questions.

We have been making lighting repairs in the sanctuary this past week. In this photo, you can see the lights being updated and adjusted during installation.

Common Ground's "Fun on the Run" has been a huge hit with our middle and high school students! This summer has been jam packed with all sorts of fun activities for students to build relationships with one another and invite their friends to connect with our church. Here is a peek into some of the fun they've been having throughout the summer!

We urge you to stay spiritually connected with your church family and join us for weekly Sunday worship on campus at 9:30am for traditional worship and 11am for contemporary worship or click here to watch online. We’re continuing to pray and if you have concerns about our plans to meet in person or have a prayer need, please do not hesitate to reach out to Pastor Mike at 813.368.1680. 

With Love,
Your New Hope Team


Financials as of July 31, 2022
Budgeted Income: $1,038,800
Actual Income: $1,012,133
Actual Expense: $1,024,454
Special Restricted Funds:
Campus Fund: $18,837
Missions Fund: $23,352
Care & Compassion: $27,303