Congregational Meeting - June 19

The Session of New Hope has a Called Congregational Meeting of all members on Sunday, June 19, at 10:45am in the Sanctuary to elect a Nomination Committee which will work to propose to the congregation the next class of Elders, Deacons, and Trustee at a meeting in September.

In Acts 6 when the Church of Jesus Christ was still in Her infancy, the Lord established a structure for Her to be effective in what She was called to do: serve, teach, lead, and pray. From that, the Church derives two “offices” – those of Elder and Deacon. At New Hope Presbyterian, we have Deacons and two types of Elders – Teaching Elders (Pastors Mike and Ben) and Ruling Elders. We also have Trustees, who handle some of the legal business operations. These officers, except for Teaching Elders, serve three-year terms.

Each year, the congregation elects a class of Elders, Deacons, and a Trustee to serve that three-year term. Our By-Laws prescribe the procedure wherein the congregation elects a Nomination Committee which then brings candidates for election at a later date. The Session (Elders) has prayerfully recruited the following New Hope members who are willing to serve on that committee:

Diane Lake (Active in many ministries at New Hope)
Kay Diller (Currently serving as a Deacon)
Jim Glatz (Currently serving as a Ruling Elder)
Doug Keno (Currently serving as a Ruling Elder)
Tiffany Myers (Active in family and women’s ministries)

The congregation may add up to three additional nominees to serve on this committee. These people must have been asked prior to being nominated of their willingness to serve, with sufficient time for them to seek the Lord’s guidance and affirmation to serve. Once the slate is finalized at the June 19 meeting, we will immediately vote to elect our Nomination Committee who will then work to obtain those qualified, called, and willing to serve as Elders, Deacons, and Trustee for the class of 2025 to present to the congregation at a meeting in September.