Missions Focus - Cornerstone Counseling

Serving missionary families has been at the heart of what Cornerstone Counseling has done since 2004. This story is an example of the help they have been able to give as a clinical team. A married couple came in almost a year ago, their 10+ year marriage under distress since the beginning. Haley, their marital counselor, waded into the toxic waters with this couple and offered a much-needed “safe place” where they could begin to unpack their anger, hurt, and pain. It’s been a slow process, but Haley, along with two other Cornerstone counselors, Solveig and Greg, have been providing treatment in a beautiful, Christ-like way. The struggling missionary couple was also referred for psychological testing which showed traits of personality disorders for both of them. The degree of hostility and resentment this couple had for each other cannot be understated. There were deep questions about whether this couple would make it. But the counseling team has persevered and the Holy Spirit has softened the wife’s heart and challenged the husband to step up and own his shortcomings. The tenderness now expressed between these two is nothing short of a miracle considering where they started. The impact on their marriage, kids, and ministry is palpable. It is truly a privilege for Cornerstone Counseling to come alongside couples like this to provide the hope and healing that only the Lord can give.