Missions Focus - The "B" Family

The "B" Family

Sensitive Area in Middle East

“From June 16-20, our family joined believers from six countries to pray for Syria for five days straight! This was an incredible time to travel to four different areas in our country to gather with four groups of Syrian believers, most of whom are new to the faith within the last several years. We prayed with around 50-60 Syrians, in total, representing almost every region and several people groups in Syria. In the priesthood of all believers, some foreigners considered it a passing of the mantle of prayer from them (some of whom have been praying for Syria over 20 years) to Syrian believers to pray for their own country and people. One who has prayed for Syria more than 30 years considered this deeply significant and possibly a turning point that will change everything for this country and people! What a delight to meet with these dear brothers and sisters, intercede together, and to recount all the good things God is doing among Syrians, both inside the country and outside. Please pray for those who expressed a desire to be devoted to prayer that they would take practical steps to do that.”