Missions Focus - Path2Freedom


Path2Freedom is a non-profit, faith-based organization on mission to create hope and healing for child survivors of human trafficking by providing safe environments and long-term programs for recovery through a family-first, trauma-informed model of care. Therapy, counseling, education, and equine experiences are all available onsite in the safe environment of the Magnolia House property. Path2Freedom believes in surrounding those it serves with Christ-like love. Residents are invited to participate in daily devotionals, bible study, church attendance, and prayer at mealtime as a family. Often the joy of God’s unconditional love and spiritual impact can be witnessed as the girls learn and grow. It could not be better stated than the quote from survivor “Madison” who was with Path2Freedom for over 14 months, came to Christ, chose to be baptized, and was reunited with her Grandmother and is doing exceptionally well: “I’ve gained a new perspective on life. Before coming here, I was still trying to find myself. A big part of that was gaining faith, becoming part of a church, and accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior. It has changed my life for the better. We have great house parents and house mentors! They grow with you and faith plays a big part in that. You’re not judged for making mistakes but guided through it and given direction. I learned it’s okay not to be okay. I could not have changed without the loving and forgiving staff here. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Path2Freedom!”