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A Call to Missions – Grace Brinsfield

Grace Brinsfield arrived at ECHO in the summer of 2022. Caring for the Monsoon garden over a period of 12 months, she acquired knowledge, techniques, and relationships that would eventually be of support to her in Senegal, where she is now serving as a full-time church planter.

About a month after the conclusion of her internship in Fort Myers, Grace had the opportunity to go on an ECHO field experience to Senegal, where she worked for six months doing breeding, testing of pesticides, and woodworking. Senegal is 95% Muslim and Grace quickly realized there were many unreached people there who greatly need the gospel. While in Senegal, she met a missionary couple that has been there for 20 years. The family welcomed her right away and as she spent more time with them, she decided she wanted to be mentored by them. Because of her experience and training at ECHO, Grace was hired as a church planter apprentice for their new agriculture training project in Eastern Senegal.