Missions Focus - Adam & Kristy Griffith

An Update & Story from Adam:

“Kristy has secured an internship as the middle school counselor at an international school here in Chiang Mai and will work with adolescents. What a great opportunity!

“Aiden has recently made friends with two Thai brothers in our neighborhood. They don’t speak English so Aiden communicates exclusively in Thai with them, mostly about soccer. Recently they were playing a board game in our house and Aiden yelled at Alexa, “How do you say church in Thai?”. Aiden’s Thai is great and his accent is way better than mine, as he grew up with it, and I was 100% sure that Aiden knew how to say church in Thai so I went over to explore what was going on. Aiden was getting frustrated that he wasn’t being understood. I had to try and explain that he was saying everything correctly, but that his new Thai friend didn’t know what a church was. It wasn’t a language issue, he just had no concept of church or Jesus. May God continue to use Aiden’s extreme curiosity, friendliness, and need for constant activities to introduce others to Himself and His Church!”