Missions Focus - Adam & Kristy Griffith

Our youth camp in Thailand this year was a great success! In our team meeting the following week, many team members mentioned “Dee”. Back at our last camp before Covid, Dee had shared with our team that she was depressed, eventually becoming suicidal. Our team began to pray with her and listen to her, even rushing to her side whenever she called late at night. Mental health issues still have a huge stigma in Thailand, so it was hard for her to open up to others, but we did our best and continued to walk alongside her.

Praise the Lord, Dee has come a long way and is now doing so much better! She is a gifted singer and agreed to sing in the worship band. Before camp, we were celebrating how far she had come, then during the last day of the second camp as her final worship set was coming to a close, she grabbed the mic and boldly shared her testimony! “It’s been a long time since I first wanted to end my life. I can’t believe I’ve been alive 21 years now. Thank God and all the people here who invested in me!”