Missions Focus - Thrive

When a mom first comes through the doors at Thrive, it is our primary goal to make her feel welcome. She is met with love, compassion, a sense of home that is often unrecognizable to her. She comes through the door in pain, exhausted, fearful, not knowing what to expect. As she begins to enjoy delicious meals, a warm bed, a sense of belonging, many of those insecurities begin to disappear. She comes to see that she and her baby are now in a place where they can do more than survive, they can thrive.

Eden’s story is typical of many who come to Thrive. She says, “I have an Associate’s Degree in early childhood education. Miss Meghan helped me get back into school so I can further my education to get my Bachelor’s Degree. Miss Meghan has taught and shown us how to open up and reach for the stars. When you are doing what God has made for your purpose, you’re gonna thrive in it, and that’s what I’ve been doing. You just shine."

"We have everything we need here to take care of ourselves and our kids. We’ve been blessed with that. I’m just letting God do His work and take me where He wants to take me. After I get that Bachelor’s Degree, maybe I’ll be a director or something. I don’t know. I just know it’s something that God has for me and I’m going to go for it!”