Missions Focus - Jake & Honah Finn

Jake & Honah Finn - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Missionaries are people just like you and me. They struggle with many of the same issues we struggle with, but their battle is often made harder because they are living away from their home setting as well as dealing with a different culture, different language, and often many inconveniences. So who do you talk with in such a setting if you are having difficulties? Who can help with your discouragement, your marriage conflicts, your trauma, your fears, or your hurts?

Jake and Honah are there to help. Jake is the clinical director of the Cornerstone Counseling Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and both Jake and Honah are trained counselors with a passion to help missionaries with the struggles they face.

One of their early clients was a family from another country who came to see them because of the trauma they experienced when a young visitor from the states was killed in a fall from one of the mountains near them. The whole family was impacted emotionally and Jake was able to help them heal so they could return to their field and continue in their work. This is just one of many stories about help given that enabled the worker to remain on the field.