Missions Focus - Matt & Erin

Seven kids on the mission field? Yes, that is the story of Matt and Erin! They live in a very difficult part of the Middle East where there are all kinds of challenges just to live life. They regularly face days without electricity, limited gasoline, food shortages in the stores, skyrocketing inflation, sweltering heat, and other inconveniences. Their kids have been home schooled and the older two (Seth and Lydia) are now in the states for a gap year prior to college. Matt and Erin have just returned to their home in the Middle East this week.

In the six years they have been in the country working with refugees, they have learned Arabic, developed many close friendships, and have seen a number of these folks come to faith in Jesus. They have developed a school where they teach important life skills as well as the Bible in story form. In addition, they have several Bible studies with small groups or individuals to help them grow in their knowledge of God.