For everyone's continued safety during this time:

We highly recommend wearing a mask while on our campus. Masks are required in all programming for children age 3 thru 12th grade.

Water fountains are closed, but restrooms are open and are frequently cleaned during on campus events.

Hand sanitizer is available to all throughout our campus and high touch areas are sanitized frequently during on campus gatherings.

Practice physical distancing by sitting with your family and allowing empty space between households.

Kindly avoid congregating in common spaces and please use our outside patio area for conversations.

Individuals who are ill or fall within the high risk groups, as defined by the CDC, are encouraged to worship online with us – CLICK HERE.

New Hope continues to prioritize health and safety while living out the gospel together to serve the church and the world. Should you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Mike Jones at