Welcome to the 2022 Bible reading plan! You will notice that this is not a chapter by chapter reading of the whole Bible. Instead, it’s sort of a “Guided Tour of the Bible.” Our goal is to read selected passages with at least one chapter from each of the Bible’s 66 books - this will allow us to hit some of the Bible’s main points. This plan is no substitute for reading the whole Bible, of course, but it may be a great first step in reading the Bible cover to cover! And for those who have done that, this is a great refresher!


Several years ago, Gina and I went to Paris and, of course, to the Louvre. We had one afternoon to try to take in the whole museum! Needless to say, we didn’t see everything - but we did get to see some of the “highlights”- the Mona Lisa, da Vinci’s David, etc. Think of this reading plan for 2022 as “highlights.” You won’t get to see every painting in the museum, but you will learn the basic layout. I’ve included a monthly and chapter by chapter synopsis to help identity the themes.


The readings here are mostly in chronological order. For example, you will read the psalms attributed to David as you read about David’s life. You will read the prophets along with their background history. At the end of each month, I’ve included a New Testament chapter to bring it home to Jesus! Looking forward to a great year of reading together!



Pastor Mike


April 2022 Video Update

JANUARY: The Plot Unveiled

Genesis 1 : A Book of Beginnings
Genesis 2: One Shining Moment
Genesis 3: The Crash
Genesis 4: Crouching at the Door
Genesis 7: Under Water
Genesis 8: The Rainbow
Genesis 15: The Plan
Genesis 19: A Catastrophe Sent from God
Genesis 22: Final Exam
Genesis 27: Jacob Gets the Blessing
Genesis 28: Something Undeserved
Genesis 37: Family Battles
Genesis 41: Behind the Scenes
Genesis 45: A Long Forgiveness
Hebrews 2: The Great Descent


FEBRUARY: Birthing a Nation

Exodus 3: Time for Action
Exodus 10-11: The Ten Plagues
Exodus 14: Miracle at the Red Sea
Exodus 20: The Ten Commandments
Exodus 32: The Dream Dies
Leviticus 26: Legal Matters
Numbers 11: Trials in the Desert
Numbers 14: Open Mutiny
Deuteronomy 4: Never Forget
Deuteronomy 8: Dangers of Success
Deuteronomy 28: Loud and Clear
Joshua 2: New Spies, New Spirit
Joshua 6: Strange Tactics
Joshua 7: Slow Learners
Joshua 24: Home at Last
Judges 6: Unlikely Leader
Judges 7: Military Upset
Judges 16: Superman’s Flaws
Ruth 1: Tough Love

John 3:  Nic at Night


MARCH: The Golden Age

1 Samuel 3: Transition Team
1 Samuel 16: Tale of Two Kings
Psalm 23: A Shepherd’s Song
1 Samuel 17: Giant-Killer
Psalm 19: Outdoor Lessons
1 Samuel 20: Jonathan’s Loyalty
Psalm 27: Ups and Downs
2 Samuel 6: King of Passion
1 Chronicles 17: God’s House
Psalm 103: The Goodness of God
2 Samuel 11: Adultery and Murder
2 Samuel 12: Caught in the Act
Psalm 51: True Confession
Psalm 139: David’s Spiritual Secret
1 Kings 3: Raw Talent
1 Kings 8: High-water Mark
Psalm 84: Home Sweet Home
Proverbs 4: Life Advice
Proverbs 10: One-liners
Song of Songs 2: Love Story
Ecclesiastes 3: A Time for Everything

Hebrews 12: Marathon Race 


APRIL: The Northern Kingdom

1 Kings 17: The Prophets
1 Kings 18: Mountaintop Showdown
2 Kings 5: Double Portion
Joel 2: Word Power
Jonah 3-4: Beloved Enemies
Amos 4: Street-Corner Prophet
Hosea 1, 3: Parable of Love
Hosea 11: Wounded Lover
2 Kings 17: Postmortem

James 1: Walk the Talk 


MAY: The Southern Kingdom 

2 Chronicles 20: Meanwhile in Jerusalem
Micah 6: Pollution Spreads
2 Chronicles 30: Hezekiah’s Festival
Isaiah 6: Power behind the Throne
Isaiah 25: Eloquent Hope
2 Chronicles 32: Battlefield Lessons
Nahum 1: Enemy Justice
Zephaniah 3: Rotten Ruling Class
2 Kings 22: Boy Wonder
Jeremiah 2: National Adultery
Jeremiah 15: Balky Prophet
Jeremiah 31: Israel’s Future
Jeremiah 38: Prophet’s Perils
Habakkuk 1: Debating God
Lamentations 3: Poet In Shock
Obadiah: No Room to Gloat

1 Peter 1: Converted Coward 


JUNE: Starting Over

Ezekiel 1: In Exile
Ezekiel 2-3: Toughening Up
Ezekiel 4: Write Large and Shout
Ezekiel 37: Resurrection Time
Daniel 1: Enemy Employers
Daniel 3: Ordeal by Fire
Daniel 5: Like Father, Like Son
Daniel 6: Daniel’s Longest Night
Ezra 3: Home at Last
Haggai 1: A Needed Boost
Zechariah 8: Raising Sights
Nehemiah 2: A Man for All Seasons
Nehemiah 8: Mourning into Joy
Esther 4: A Race‘s Survival
Malachi 2: Low-grade Disappointment

2 Peter 1: Hidden Dangers 


JULY: Cries of Pain

Job 1-2: Is God Unfair?
Job 38: God Speaks to Job
Job 42: Happy Ending
Isaiah 40: Who’s in Charge?
Isaiah 52: The Suffering Servant
Isaiah 53: Wounded Healer
Isaiah 55: The End of It All

Jude: Sounding the Alarm 


AUGUST: A Surprising Messiah

Luke 1: One Final Hope
Luke 2: No Fear
Mark 1: Immediate Impact
Mark 2: Signal Fires of Opposition
John 3: Late-Night Rendezvous
Mark 3: Miracles and Magic
Mark 4: Hard Soil
Mark 5: Jesus and Illness
Matthew 5: Inflammatory Word
Matthew 6: Sermon on the Mount
Matthew 13: Kingdom Tales
Mark 6: Contrast in Power
Luke 16: Of Two Worlds
Luke 12: Jesus on Money
Luke 18: Underdogs

1 John 3: Merest Christianity 


SEPTEMBER: Responses to Jesus

Luke 15: Master Storyteller
John 6: Food that Endures
Mark 7: Poles Apart
Matthew 18: Out of Bondage
John 10: No Secrets
Mark 8: Turning Point Mark 9: Slow Learners Luke 10: Mission Improbable
Mark 10: Servant Leadership
Mark 11: Opposition Heats Up
Mark 12: Baiting Jesus Mark 13: A Day to Dread  Mark 14: A Scent of Doom 2 and 3 John: Pesky Deceivers 


OCTOBER: Final Days

John 14: One Final Meal Together
John 15: Vital Link
John 16: Grief into Joy
John 17: Commissioning Matthew 26: Appointment with Destiny
Matthew 27: No Justice
Mark 15: The Last Temptation
Matthew 28: A Rumor of Life
John 20: The Rumor Spreads
Luke 24: The Final Link

Revelation 1: The Final Word 


NOVEMBER: The Word Spreads

Acts 1: Departure
Acts 2: Explosion
Acts 5: Shock Waves
Acts 9: About-face
Galatians 3: Legalism
Acts 16: Detour
Philippians 2: Downward Mobility
Acts 17: Mixed Results
1 Thessalonians 3-4: Preparing for the End
2 Thessalonians 2: Rumor Control
1 Corinthians 13: The Love Chapter
1 Corinthians 15: The Last Enemy
2 Corinthians 4: Baked Dirt
2 Corinthians 12: Boasting of Weakness

Revelation 12: Another Side of History 


DECEMBER: Paul’s Legacy

Romans 3: Remedy  Romans 7: Limits of the Law
Romans 8: Spirit Life  Romans 12: Down-To-Earth Problems
Acts 26: Unexpected Passage
Acts 27: Perfect Storm  Acts 28: Rome at Last
Ephesians 2: Prison Letter Ephesians 3: Success Story Colossians 1: Spanning the Gap
Philemon: A Personal Favor
Titus 2: Paul’s Troubleshooter
1 Timothy 1: Growth Pains 2 Timothy 2: Final Words
Revelation 21: An End and a Beginning