How many times have you read a book and then gone to see the movie version of it?  You walk away thinking- they missed it!  The book was so much better.  Do you remember the Cecil B. DeMille Epic movie "The Greatest Story Ever Told"?  (If not, it may be on Netflix...)  It was a setting of the entire Bible in one long movie!  The concept was great, but I still wonder why all the Bible characters had British accents.  Since then, there have been a few attempts at producing parts of God's story in the Bible, but you know the original is always better than someone's interpretation.  So, what if you could set up a realistic and doable plan to read the Bible in 2021?  Join others in the New Hope Family as we seek to do just that!  


The 2021 reading plan takes us through the historical narrative of the Old Testament beginning with Joseph (Genesis 37) and ending with the division between the northern tribes and the southern tribes of Israel (I Kings 14). It's a captivating history of how God interacted with His chosen people.  We will also read other sections from God’s Word: All four gospels, the book of Acts, three minor prophets, four NT letters, several of the Psalms, the Song of Songs and a few other timely chapters of the Bible are a part of the plan.  


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January – Mark 1-16 • Genesis 37-50
February – Exodus 1-20; 31-34, 40 • Colossians 1-4
March – Numbers 1-14 • Matthew 1-17
April – Matthew 18-28 • Joshua 1-18
May – Joshua 19-24 • Judges 1-3:6 • I Samuel 1-21
June – Romans 1-16 • Hebrews 1-13
July – II Samuel 1-20 • Song of Songs 1-8
August – Luke 1-24 • Acts 1-7
September – Acts 8-28 • I Kings 1-14
October – Amos 1-9 • Micah 1-7
November – Daniel 1-6 • Psalm 2 • Psalms 1-23
December – John 1-21 • Matthew 1-2 • Luke 1-2 • I John 1-5 • Isaiah 40