We have teaching elders and ruling elders at New Hope Presbyterian Church. Our pastors are teaching elders and are trained in theology, while our ruling elders are elected to provide prayer and leadership for our church.

Class of 2021

Bill Ashton
Al Frees
Randy Hincks
Jeannie Martin


Clerk of Session: Art Hunkins
Treasurer: Chuck Knox

Class of 2022

Steve Boutelle

Sheldon Church

Sean Ellis

Bill Enslen

Jerry Franz

Ken Seim

Class of 2023

Gayle Bundschu

Jerry Elliott

Jim Glatz

Duane Higgins

Carolyn Melton

Dave Milligan

Kathy Orr


Dan Miller, Class of 2021

Jason Harre, Class of 2022

Richard Grosse, Class of 2023


“This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.” (2 Corinthians 9:12)


Deacons are commissioned from among Christ’s followers to organize the ministry of compassion within our church family. We welcome your notification of those who may benefit from our various ministries, as well as your suggestions for future ministries of service for our members.


If you have questions, please email dougkeno2515@gmail.com

Class of 2021

Sue Bova

Chris Bundschu

Candy Engelman

Christine Glatz

Steve McKinnon

Marlys Norve

Mindy Rutherford

Class of 2022

David Childs

Linda Daniels

Mark Dillehay

Pam LaRiviere

Karen Pultz

Emily Reese

Alan Staffon

Class of 2023

Flo Antuono

Kay Diller

Cheri Karkalits

Sue Morton

Kathy Orkowski

Richard Riley

Dick Walmsley


As a service to our New Hope family, we provide the official minutes from each session meeting. You may view and download the minutes from each meeting below. To request minutes from previous meetings, please contact Brad Starner at brad@newhopefortmyers.org.


12.29.2019: Called Congregational Meeting​​​​​​​