September 11-17, 2023

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Upcoming Memorial Services


  • *Dale Hart’s Memorial Service will be this Saturday, September 16 at 1pm at the church.
  • *Lollie Peckham:  A celebration and the sharing of stories of her life will be held Wednesday, September 13 at 11am at ECHO in the Visitor Center next to the Bookstore. If you have any stories or pictures you would like to send, please feel free to send them to or

Prayer for Comfort in Time of Loss


  • *Dale Hart has passed from this life to the next. Prayers for his wife Linda and their family.
  • *Lollie Peckham has gone on to be with the Lord. Prayers for her children and family.

Prayer for Healing and Hope


  • *Claire Brittain was taken to Health Park for testing.
  • *Roger Holly had shoulder surgery and is recovering.

Ongoing Prayer Concerns


  • Troy Carpenter is recovering at Page Field Rehab.
  • Ed Gardner is recovering in rehab. Prayers for his recovery.
  • Ann Newton is recovering in rehab.
  • Jerry Norve is still dealing with covid symptoms as well as issues with his chemo. Marlys has recovered from covid.
  • Marian McGary is now at home and continuing treatment for cancer.
  • Cari Tyler has stage 4 breast cancer. She has 3 young children, and their family asks that you join them in praying boldly for miraculous healing.
  • Cathy Young asks for prayer as she goes through treatments for breast cancer.
  • Bob and Linda Sinclair continue to recuperate and are appreciative of your prayers.
  • Jan Elliott’s son & Jerry Elliott’s brother, John is continuing his treatments.
  • Lee Norris: continued prayers for healing.
  • Pat Mehaffie continued prayers for healing from cancer.
  • Duane Henry continues his cancer treatment.
  • Bill Ashton, in Colorado, continues with cancer treatments.
  • Jerry Brown has metastatic melanoma.  Pray for peace, wisdom, and healing.