November 28–December 4, 2022

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Prayer for God's Comfort in Grief


  • *Larry McGary went home to be with the Lord on Thursday. Please keep Marian in your prayers. She has a follow up appointment on Tuesday for treatment of breast cancer.



  • *Dava Colcord was able to go home and is feeling great!

Prayer for Healing and Hope


  • *Hugh Marshall is at Gulf Coast recovering from surgery.  Prayers for comfort for him and Esther.

  • *Gail Taylor’s husband, David had 8 stents placed in his heart. He is doing well, but will need cardiac rehab for the next 10-12 weeks.

  • Flo Antuono’s has an MRI scheduled on December 5.

  • Sylvia Rivers has been moved to hospice care.  Prayers for comfort for her and her family.

  • *Tim Stephenson has been fighting a viral infection for the past four weeks. He feels that he has finally “turned the corner,” but asks for your prayers as he recovers.

Ongoing Prayer Concerns


  • Jan Elliott’s son & Jerry Elliott’s brother, John: Pray for comfort for John & the family, and wisdom for his doctor as he adjusts his treatment.

  • *Tabitha Dillehay’s father, Yale Willoughby, is doing great!  He is off all meds and the x-rays have come back clear.  They return for a follow-up in two months, but have pronounced him cancer free!

  • Jerry Norve: Prayers for Jerry as he continues with chemo, dealing with side effects and the issue with hip / back pain.  Pray for wisdom for Dr. Parsa, his oncologist, as he makes decisions for new chemo orders and for Jerry’s ability to tolerate it.  Prayers for he and Marlys as they walk this journey.  They are praising God for His daily sustaining grace in their lives.

  • Anne Cole is recovering from open heart surgery.  She has developed an open wound.  Doctors want it to heal from the inside out.  Prayers for complete healing and comfort for her.

  • Karen Benson has gone to Moffitt to assess a tumor in her upper arm.  They think it is probably benign but will do a biopsy and surgery to remove it in the future.

  • Lee Norris: His new cancer treatment is working!  Prayers for it to continue to work beyond what is expected and that he will have abundant peace about it all.

  • Carol Henry fell and broke her kneecap and injured her shoulder.  Prayers for complete healing for her.  They are temporarily staying in Atlanta.

  • Carol Sutton fractured her shoulder and her wrist.  She is with her daughter in Connecticut. She is in PT now and asks for prayer for healing and comfort.

  • Linda Uniatowski is living with her son until her apartment building is fully repaired, but some progress has been made.  Prayers for strength and healing for her right knee and hip.

  • Duane Henry continues to deal with cancer and is feeling much better on his new treatment. Please continue to pray.

  • Tom Anderson reports to be holding his own, but still needs prayer.

  • Carol Beck requests prayer for her sister-in-law, Barbara Beck, who has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver and colon cancer.  Please pray for her, the doctors and for peace and protection. 

  • Larry McGary has been moved from Health Park to the Lodge at Cypress Cove.  Prayers for comfort and healing.

  • Nancy & Ken Hollmann’s son, Scott, is on his second series of infusions and are hoping for improvements.

  • Pat Mehaffie is continuing to pray for healing from cancer.

  • Marilynn Cox’s brother, Keith Wilson, is still in hospice care in Wheaton, IL.  He is holding on at 91.  Prayers for him and Marilynn. 

  • Eunice Peterson’s 15-year-old granddaughter, Marit, has an untreatable cancerous tumor. Please pray for a miracle of healing for her.

  • Bill Ashton, in Colorado, continues to suffer with cancer.  He and Jeanne request prayer for healing and comfort as he goes through these health challenges.

  • Linda Sinclair.  Prayers continue for peace and comfort for her, as she suffers with pain from compression fractures in her spine. 

  • Gloria Tancredi needs prayer for strength for many physical issues.  Prayers for Joe as well as they journey through this. Thankful for your prayers.

  • Jerry Brown has metastatic melanoma.  Pray for peace, wisdom, and healing. 

  • Claire Brittain is on kidney dialysis. Kay has limited mobility. They lost their car in the storm.