November 30–December 6, 2020

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Prayer for God's Comfort in Grief

*Mindy Rutherford’s mother, Jenny Hunter- has passed. 

*Jim Mertz- has passed into the arms of our savior. Prayers for his wife Dorie and their daughters. 

*Alexandra DiNicola’s grandfather, Elwood Culp- has passed.

Kathryn Unger- went to be with the Lord. Continued prayers for her husband Glenn and their family. 

Ron Van Swol- went to be with the Lord. Prayers for Georgene and their family.

Prayer and Praise


*Logan Welch- had surgery at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, but is home and healing well.

Prayer for Healing and Hope

*Joe Gossman- Will be having open heart surgery. 
*Kay Tabern- Fell and broke her hip. 
*Dava Colcord- Had surgery on 11/30. 
*Linda Sinclair- Will be having another surgery on 12/2. 
*Patty Soutar- recovering from hip surgery. 
*Joseph Tano- Recovering from hernia surgery.
Connie Larson- is home and recovering

Ongoing Prayer Concerns

Marianne de Deugd- having continued health concerns. 
Jean Willwerth’s husband, Tom- going to see a new neurologist.
Cheri Karkalits- is having a biopsy and has had multiple health issues.

Sidney Perkins- Will be undergoing radiation. 
Ron Walton- Recovering from hip surgery. 

Marlys Norve- Recovering from a hip replacement and has had a fall, injuring her other hip. 

Bill Servick- Recovering from rotator cuff shoulder surgery. 

Bob Ochs- Has many chronic conditions that Barb is caring for full-time.

Lee Norris- Receiving treatment for cancer. 

Noah Kingery- Three-year old boy diagnosed with leukemia and continues chemotherapy treatment. Son of Jake & Heather Kingery.

Don Raimey- Recovering from heart surgery and has begun kidney dialysis. 

Ken Egger- Improving from hip replacement surgery. 

Dave Moll- Continuing with immunotherapy treatments.

Leigh Lengefeld- Improving after having surgery. 

Bonnie Hunkins- Will continue chemo therapy. 

Bill Long- Recovering from back surgery. 

Ed Frost- On dialysis and continues to wait for a kidney transplant.