January 17–23, 2022

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Prayer for God's Comfort in Grief


  • *Carol Gossman’s brother Doug McComb has passed. Pray for strength and comfort for his wife, Kathy, and all the family.



  • *Dava Colcord has been prescribed an ASV sleep apnea machine.  It took a long time to get it!  She will begin using it today.  God hears and answers prayer!
  • *Carol Sutton is healing well from her fall. She appreciates all the prayers, concern, and cards she has received!
  • *Noah Kingery (5 years old) has finished his cancer treatments and is currently in remission. Continued prayers for him to stay in remission. 

Prayer for Healing and Hope


  • *Pat Mehaffie will be beginning chemo treatments on Thursday. Pray for the healing power of God.
  • *Carolyn Melton continues to be in pain from her fall. Pray for healing and relief.
  • Al Staffon had his 5th knee replacement and is home doing well.
  • Linda Hull’s son, Jeff, has Covid.  Please pray for rapid healing.
  • Jerry Elliot’s brother, John, has been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.  Prayers for peace and the healing power of God.
  • Karen Benson fell outside her office and is non-weight bearing for the next few weeks.
  • Roy Bentley has fallen and is in the rehab center at Cypress Cove.
  • Duane Henry’s cancer has come back.  He would appreciate prayer for wisdom regarding treatment and for healing.
  • Lowell and Katie Hamric’s son, Scott, will be having surgery on January 20 for returning cancer in his hand.  Prayers for wisdom for the doctors and the miraculous healing power of God.
  • Julie Higginbotham’s husband, Frank, has some significant health issues.  Prayers for ease of symptoms, miraculous healing and wisdom for his doctors.
  • Sharon Bowman is experiencing health issues.  Pray that she gets a physical therapy appointment soon.  She is grateful for our prayers.

Ongoing Prayer Concerns


  • Trevor Boldrey- is going through cancer treatments.
  • Noah Kingery-  (5 year old Son of Jake & Heather Kingery) has finished his treatment and is currently in remission.   Prayers for continued remission.
  • Lee Norris’ PET scan showed cancer in the prostate.  Pray for the healing power of Jesus and peace that passes understanding as he begins radiation.
  • *Beth Hoving’s son, Dave, has been released from outpatient rehabilitation in Atlanta.  He is continuing rehab from home. Pray for healing and strength as he resumes his life at home.
  • Bonnie Hunkins would appreciate continued prayer for healing.  Her next scan will be in late January.
  • Carlton Anderson is having problems with his balance.  Pray for resolution of his symptoms and for peace during this time.
  • George Davis has been moved to a rehabilitation hospital.  He asks for prayer that he can regain his strength and be more alert, so that he can come home.  Pray also for Jean to stay strong through this.
  • David Michie requests prayer for wellness and that he re-gain his strength.
  • Marcia Pavlisko’s 6-year-old granddaughter has been diagnosed with leukemia.  Prayers for miraculous healing.
  • Joseph Tancredi requests prayer for improvement in the blurriness of his eyesight and pain in his neck.
  • Gloria Tancredi has stage 4 kidney disease, and they are praying for her to be free from kidney dialysis.
  • Bob Hinson’s granddaughter, Cierra DeGroot, continued prayers as she deals with seizures.  Please continue to send prayers and texts to encourage her.
  • David Wilkinson had a full hip replacement and is healing well so far. Pray for continued healing and independence.
  • Bill Ashton is going through treatments and radiation for cancer.  He would appreciate prayer that God would guide the doctors to make the best decisions for a successful outcome.  Also, pray for comfort and peace for he and Jeanne as he goes through these health challenges.
  • Karen Jalving is needing prayer for comfort and healing.  Please keep her and Warren in your prayers but no phone calls, please.
  • Jerry & Marlys Norve: Jerry has esophageal cancer.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors as they treat him and for his body to respond to treatment without many side effects. Both of them need hip surgeries, but they have been postponed.
  • Jerry Brown has metastatic melanoma.  Pray for peace, wisdom and healing.
  • Linda Sinclair is having continued issues with pain from compression fractures in her spine.
  • Claire Brittain is on kidney dialysis.
  • Kay Tabern is in need of prayer for pain and renewed mobility.
  • Don Raimey- Recovering from heart surgery and has begun kidney dialysis.
  • Dave Moll- In chemo therapy.