June 27–July 3, 2022

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Prayer for God's Comfort in Grief


  • Bonnie Hunkins’ memorial service will be held on July 2 at 10am.
  • *Jerry Franz’s mother has passed.
  • *Dave Dietzel, former associate pastor at Covenant, passed away on Thursday and his funeral will be on Tuesday, June 28, at 11am at Covenant Presbyterian Church.
  • Terri DeStoppelaire asks for prayers as she is grieving the loss of her mother.

Prayer for Healing and Hope


  • *Dick Grosse is being moved to Sarasota for the surgery that he needs. Prayers for him and K.C. through this process.
  • *Hillary Eng’s father, Tom Kiesel, is having knee surgery July 12th. Prayers for an easy surgery and recovery.
  • *Kay Parkinson is healing well from her fall.
  • *Eunice Peterson’s 14-year-old granddaughter, Marit, has a cancerous tumor. Her last MRI showed growth of the tumor, which means that more chemo would not help and there is nothing else that can be done for her. Please pray for a miracle of healing for her.

Ongoing Prayer Concerns


  • Ron Walton is in hospice care.  Prayers for both he and Tara to be comforted and feel God’s presence with them as they walk this valley.
  • Al & Marion Staffon: Marion is working with her oncologist on a treatment plan. Al decided to postpone his back surgery at this time and is looking for a surgeon in Fort Myers instead of Naples.
  • Bill Ashton, in Colorado, continues to suffer with cancer.  He and Jeanne request prayer for healing and comfort as he goes through these health challenges.
  • Jerry Norve has had a flare up of his metastatic cancer and is facing more treatment.  Prayers for healing and comfort for he and Marlys during this time of illness.
  • Butch McGovern is recovering well from quadruple bypass surgery. Prayers for him to regain his strength.
  • Barbara Layfield is in palliative care at Palmview in Cape Coral.  She would appreciate prayer and cards of encouragement at this difficult time.
  • *Lee Norris will be traveling to Texas to go to MD Anderson in July or August to work with the oncology team there on a treatment plan. Prayers are welcomed!
  • Sylvia Rivers Prayers for peace and healing for her after her fall.
  • *Jerry Elliot’s brother, John, is in good spirits and feeling well. He is awaiting his next scan.
  • *Dava Colcord has completed the physical therapy on her shoulder and for the lymphedema in my legs. She has learned exercises and how to manage both. She wants to thank you for your prayers.
  • Linda Sinclair.  Prayers continue for peace and comfort for her, as she suffers with pain from compression fractures in her spine.
  • Pat Mehaffie Pray for complete healing and comfort as he deals with cancer.
  • Trevor Boldrey is going through cancer treatments.  Prayers for the healing power of Jesus and comfort for him and his family.
  • Duane Henry’s cancer has come back.  He would appreciate prayer for peace, tranquility, and strength as he goes through difficult treatment.
  • Dave Moll- In chemotherapy.
  • Noah Kingery, son of Jake & Heather Kingery.  Noah has finished his treatment and is currently in remission.   Prayers for continued health.
  • Carlton Anderson is still having problems with his balance.  Pray for resolution of his symptoms.
  • Bob Hinson’s granddaughter, Cierra DeGroot, has not had a seizure in several months.  Continue to pray for her to be able to fully re-gain her life.
  • David Michie requests prayer for wellness and that he re-gain his strength.
  • Marcia Pavlisko’s 6-year-old granddaughter, Kennedy, is fighting leukemia.  Prayers for miraculous healing.
  • Gloria Tancredi has stage 4 kidney disease, and they are praying for her to be free from kidney dialysis.
  • Jerry Brown has metastatic melanoma.  Pray for peace, wisdom, and healing.
  • Claire Brittain is on kidney dialysis.