July 6 - July 12, 2020

Prayer for God's Comfort in Grief


Sharon Miller - Death of her mother, Rosemarie Thombs, in New York. Please also pray for her dad, Richard.

Carol Sutton and Family - Death of her husband, David, on June 25. Dave was as charter member and pioneer in starting New Hope Church.

Greenbury Family - Death of Don Greenbury, on June 27. Don was a charter member and pioneer in starting New Hope Church.

Don Fosselman and Family - Death of his wife, Joann, June 27. Joann was a charter member and pioneer in starting New Hope Church who recently moved to Ohio.


Prayer and Praise


Jerry Ralston - Is now cancer free!

Derek and Samantha Soutar - Birth of son, Noah, on June 24!

Doug Willoughby (Tabitha Dillehay’s dad) - Does not have cancer!


Prayer for Healing and Hope


Tom Oringderff - Recovering at home from complicated vascular surgery to repair an artery in his arm. 

Wendy Franz - Presently at home struggling with Covid symptoms.\

Donald Peters - Hospitalised with complications from Parkinsons. His wife, Ginger, just had surgery three weeks ago.

Tommy Dudley - Was hospitalized with Covid-19 but has come home and is recovering.

Georgene Van Swol - Hospitalized with a blood infection. She was in the hospital for many months last year. 

Pam LaRiviere - Thoracic surgery on July 8.

Lynda Cline - Her sister, Lisa, is in critical condition with an aortic aneurysm in Indianapolis.

Dave Summers - Has low white blood cell count and had a test for leukemia. Dave and his wife, Judy, had started attending our church
before Covid-19.

Elizabeth Johnson - Needs a knee replacement but is reluctant to have the surgery until there is a Covid vaccine. Pray for relief from pain.

Lori Hathaway - Diagnosed with Covid-19 and is recovering at home.

Ann and Tom Anderson’s Granddaughter Elise - 23 year-old who has been diagnosed with Covid-19. She lives in Fort Collins, CO. 

Frank Roope - Recovering from heart issues and a pacemaker.

Sarah Murphy (Nikki Riley’s Grandmother) - Diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

Nicole Hujsa - Nicole's sister, Talisha Faber, has Covid-19.

Marianne de Deugd - Slowly improving after being treated for an infection in the lining of her stomach.

Bill Long - Recovering from back surgery. 

Howard Harris - Very weak and failing.

David Norris - Recovering from knee surgery.

The Morse Family – John, Laura, Rachel and John's father, Frank (89 years). Former New Hope members now living in Nashville. All have Covid-19 and all are improving.

Ginger Peters - Recovering from a knee replacement. 
David Carpenter - Recovering from back surgery. 

Jack Delaney - Had a fall and was hospitalized. To be transferred to Shell Point rehab. 

Heather Hackett - Receiving treatments for cancer.

Lee Norris - Receiving treatment for cancer.


Ongoing Health Concerns


Christina Wilson - Social worker at Colonial who is recovering from a heart attack and stroke.

John Beck (Son of Charlie and Carol Beck) - Diagnosed with cancer and will have radiation and surgery. Is now able to work from home.

Ed Frost - On dialysis and continues to wait for a kidney transplant.

Bonnie Hunkins - Continued chemo treatment but last report has indicated some shrinking in the tumor. Praise God!

Noah Kingery (Son of Jake & Heather Kingery) - Three-year old boy diagnosed with leukemia and continues chemotherapy treatment.