September 14–20, 2020

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Prayer for God's Comfort in Grief

*Katherine Burg, Samantha, Max and Brooke Burg - Loss of 49-year-old husband and father, Dr. Brian Burg, who died suddenly September 12.

*Ginger Peters - Loss of her husband Saturday, September 12, after a long struggle with multiple health problems.

Prayer and Praise


Doug Pagel - Miraculously during the presurgery exam, doctors found the heart valve replacements were no longer necessary. 

Dava Colcord - Dava’s praise report! “Amazing! Since I asked you to pray about my breathing, I have had no problem with shortness of
breath nor catching my breath. I believe it is Jesus answering prayer.”

Prayer for Healing and Hope

Heather Hackett - She is home recovering from surgery and continues to battle cancer. 

*Bob Larson - After having to postpone his surgery, Bob is having his back surgery Monday. Sept. 21.

*Dwain Upton- Recovering at home after being hospitalized for multiple blood clots.

Eunice Peterson's 12-year-old grandaughter, Marit Davis - A surgery on August 7 for a malignant brain tumor has left her with a complication called “Cerebellar mutism,” a condition which has reduced a very athletic 12-year-old to not being able to speak or do anything. She will soon begin radiation for her tumor. Needless to say, it is a hard time for Eunice and her family. 
*Carol Beck - Torn rotator cuff.
Georgene Van Swol - Had surgery in Weston, FL on September 7 and is recovering from another complicated and serious surgery. 

Linda Sinclair - Continues to suffer from chronic pain from more fractures in her back. 

Pat Thompson - Recovering from foot surgery, in a cast unable to put weight on her foot for another 7 weeks. 

Don Raimey - Recovering from heart surgery and has begun kidney dialysis. 

Holly Sweeney (Bob and Linda Sinclair’s daughter) - Slowly improving from a perforated ulcer, UTI and sinus infection. 

Sandy Walmsley - Under hospice care at home.
Bob Ochs - Recovering at home from multiple stents put in heart. Husband of Barb. 

Ken Egger - Improving from a severe bone bruise on a twice-replaced hip, but having severe blood pressure concerns. 
Dave Moll - Continuing with immunotherapy treatments.

Lee Norris- Receiving treatment for cancer.

Ongoing Prayer Concerns

Leigh Lengefeld - Improving after having her leg amputated from an infection. Presently at Lee Rehab hoping to move to another facility for long-term physical therapy. 

Dr. Howard and Carol Harris - Carol has had COVID, but is doing better. Dr Howard has regained some strength to come alongside Carol for moral support. 
Kathie Unger - Recovering from hip replacement surgery on August 10.
Bonnie Hunkins - Her last scans are incredibly hopeful that the treatments are ridding her body of the cancer. She has two more

Kathy Orr's sister-in-law, Karen - Remarkably recovering from a blood clot on her brain. 
Bill Long - Recovering from back surgery. 
Joe Salmons - Having severe side effects from chemo treatment for cancer. New Hope members Joe and Barb moved to Arkansas last year to be close to their children. 
Ed Frost - On dialysis and continues to wait for a kidney transplant.

Noah Kingery - Three-year old boy diagnosed with leukemia and continues chemotherapy treatment. Son of Jake & Heather Kingery.