March 1-6, 2021

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Prayer for God's Comfort in Grief

*Jill Chambers step-father has passed unexpectedly. Please pray for the family.

Prayer and Praise


*A family is in the process of adopting an 8yr old child from Taiwan. Pray for an easy transition and great skill in communication.

*Katie Stephenson requests prayer for her grandson, Aaron, who is seriously ill and needs a healing touch from the Lord. 

*Julie Bledsoe is starting her third round of chemo. Pray for strength and healing. 

Lisa Hunt was in an accident on the way home from the hospital. She is now in the hospital with multiple injuries from the accident.

Prayer for Healing and Hope

Jerry Brown has metastatic melanoma. He and Becky are going to Moffat in Tampa. Pray for peace, wisdom and healing.

*Ed & Heidi Frost’s daughter, Tina, is out of the hospital, recuperating in Fort Myers with them. Pray for complete healing and strength as they care for her.

Ongoing Prayer Concerns

Bob Hinson’s granddaughter, Cierra Degroot- is still suffering from debilitating seizures. 

Ken Egger has fallen and hurt his hip. He is getting physical therapy and would like prayer for other health issues. 

David Wilkinson is receiving physical therapy after surgery to repair his hip. Pray for complete recovery. 

Tara & Ron Walton – Tara requests prayer that God will protect, sustain & give her wisdom as she cares for Ron and makes decisions
going forward. 

Lee Norris is receiving treatment for cancer. 

Anita Shoemaker requests prayer for relief from constant pain.
Bill & Sandy Knipe – Bill is on dialysis and has multiple other health issues. Pray for Sandy to have wisdom and the strength to care for him.

Jade Torok’s mom, Ginny Whelan, is in a rehab facility at the Preserve, receiving therapy for severe pain and a slipped disc. 
Dava Colcord - Pray for peace and resolution of her breathing issues.
Linda Sinclair is having continued issues with pain from compression fractures in her spine. 
Connie Larson- is home and recovering 
Marianne de Deugd- pray for continued improvement for health concerns. 
Claire Brittain is on kidney dialysis. 
Kay Tabern is in need of prayer for pain and renewed mobility. 

Bill Servick- Experiencing slow recovery from rotator cuff shoulder surgery. 

Noah Kingery- Four year old boy diagnosed with leukemia and continues chemotherapy treatment. Son of Jake & Heather Kingery.

Don Raimey- Recovering from heart surgery and has begun kidney dialysis. 

Dave Moll- In chemo therapy.

Leigh Lengefeld- Asks for prayers for healing so that she will not need another surgery. 

Bonnie Hunkins- Will continue chemo therapy.

Bill Long- Recovering from back surgery. 

Ed Frost- On dialysis and continues to wait for a kidney transplant.